Nexstar Media Group, Inc. (NXST) Q3 2020 Earnings Call Transcript @themotleyfool #stocks $NXST

John JanedisWolfe Research — Analyst

Just one last thing on gambling. It feels like it’s still early days there. I mean, does that have the potential to be, let’s say, top 5 or 10 category or materially higher for the year in terms of the $10 million-plus run rate?

Perry A. SookChairman and Chief Executive Officer

Well, yes, I think if you look at lottery and gambling all in, it is a top 10 category. And you’ve got state lottery business and all of that, that is ongoing. But for example, if it was a double-digit — if it was high teens, all-in, the sports betting probably made up 70% of that in Q3, and we actually have more dollars on the books for Q4 than we exited Q3 in that category. So I see it growing. And I can tell you that we’re talking to all of the companies involved in that business that want access to our distribution, might like to produce long-form and short-form content for us in addition to buying advertising, and those discussions are ongoing. So I think we’re fully engaged in the category. So I do expect it will continue to grow because it’s not fully built out now. And again, it’s on a state-by-state basis where the gambling is permitted. And as that footprint continues to grow, we think the category will continue to grow.

John JanedisWolfe Research — Analyst

Thanks a lot.


We’ll take our next question from Steven Cahall with Wells Fargo. Please go ahead.

Steven CahallWells Fargo — Analyst

Thanks. First, maybe just trying to understand some of the benefits of the reorganization. It seems like this is a pretty big deal. So I’m sure this is a lot bigger than just the back office savings. So I was hoping you could just expand a little bit on what the potential long-term revenue benefits are from that new initiative? And then I got a quick follow-up on the guidance.

Tom CarterChief Operating Officer and Chief Financial Officer

Well, I would say there are a number of them, but one area that we have not participated and to a meaningful degree, historically has been national partnerships, where, again, with 1.5 billion page views and broadcast signals that reach to 70% of the country. We have the reach that they’re looking for and can tailor make information. Most of that are obviously consumer products, whether it be autos, used auto sales, could be direct-to-consumer a number of areas where we can do multi-platform delivery of really good demographics and reach to some categories that really have not — have kind of escaped us because our focus has been and continue — will continue to be local, but these are areas that we now, with the addition of the assets from Tribune in the large markets, we have substantially more reach than we did before, and those partnership agreements can be quite lucrative and large contractual dollars. I would say that’s job one, and that’s immediately in front of us.

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